Monday, 6 July 2015

A Soul Is a Soul

Working in Social Media, has it's pro's and cons, and on a daily basis we are bombarded with images and posts that are funny, and some extremely distrubing. Social Media is a space where anything goes.

Something that resonated with me was last months posts and petitions circulating on Facebook about a dog-eating festival in Yulin, China.The festival occurs during their summer solstice, and dog and cat meat is served . It is said that the dogs are farmed ,and then killed for their meat.There has been an immense outcry throughout the world, which has attracted attention from many activist organisations, trying to end this, in my opinion barbaric festival that is common practice in Yulin.

Some people will take the stance that if we can eat the meat of cow, then how can we be hypocritical to condemn something that is a tradition. I do understand that stance and there is a valid point BUT, the treatment of the dogs and sometimes cats is so immensely barbaric and cruel. They are locked up in small cages with about 5-6 dogs in a cage, covered in faeces and urine, burnt alive and beaten to death!

Some people believe that animals are without souls, but how is it that they feel our emotions when we are sad, or miss us when we go away? They are mans best friend, there has to be a reason for this. I believe in every living creature, there is a soul. A small spark that exists in everything, and every living thing should be treated with kindness whether it's human or animal.

I sit back and watch these things unfold and I am deeply affected, hoping that if we do perform more  act of kindness, there will be a change in world consciousness. Until then, I'll keep fighting the good fight, and remember a soul is a soul.

Do you agree that animals have a soul, and should be treated with kindness?

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