Thursday, 28 January 2016


#RAKWEEK2016, began on Valentine's or should we say Valen" Kinds" day, it lasts for a week from the 14th- 20th Feb this year.

The aim of #RAKWEEK, is to get people from around the world to perform MORE acts of kindness, with the hopes that these acts become part of a daily routine, and not just a once off thing every year.

With so much kindness and goodness in abundance during this time people are open to cultivating stronger connections which will in turn create a kindness movement or inspire others to do the same.

These acts of kindness need not be big, they can be small and even unnoticable, it is just to keep the kindnes spirit alive.

Whatever you have done for #RAKWEEK this year, we hope it has inspired you for the rest of the year, to #ChangeOurWorldforgood