Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Only Light Can Drive Out Darkness

A week has passed since the horrific terror attack in Paris,and when faced with what I saw on
Saturday afternoon on Facebook- I was bombarded with status updates and posts about Paris and the multiple terror attacks on the Friday night.

I clicked on one of the posts and began to read the horrific details of what unfolded on what seemed like a normal and vibing Friday night in " The City of Lights", that turned so quickly into "The City of Darkness and Terror".  I continued to scroll through my newsfeed to read more about the attacks because I just couldn't believe my eyes, how could this happen?!

People all over the world had taken to Social Media, with the hashtag #PrayforParis and changing their profile pictures to the French flag as a symbol to show their solidarity and support for Paris and for the victims of the horrific attacks.

My heart was bleeding for the people who had lost loved ones in the attacks, the people of Paris and not only for the people in Paris, but for humanity, for the world.

The attacks dont affect just those living in Paris, it has an impact on EVERYONE. It's an indication of how badly we need to fight together as one, and NOT fight against one another. To put aside all our differences, and see that what is unfolding ALL over the world is a precursor to a bigger picture

I'm not sure what the answer is and I'm hoping that there will be a huge change, but it may take years or it could take one significant event and then the change will come.

In the end light will always dispel darkness. We need a whole lot of light right now. Here is hoping we find our light and shine it, as an example to others that they can too do the same.