Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Valen " KINDS" Day

Valentines Day is on Sunday, and we could either love or hate the day for various reasons. While it's a day where you are giving to the one you love most, it can also be a day to spread so much kindness.

Take Valentines Day and turn it in to 'Valen"KINDS" day", take all that love you've been given and turn it outward, towards those who really need small acts of kindness.

Take your loved one/ones, and show them that the day isn't just about spending money, but acts from the heart that will leave a mark in the world and in the world of others.

Valen" KINDS' day should be just that, KIND, loving and happy.  Take that feeling and use it for everyday.

We promise you that no deed is too small, or wasted. We need it more than ever.

Love and kindness is the answer, be those things.

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